The European Parliament’s Committee on Petitions voted unanimously in favor of the Draft Motion for a Resolution on international and domestic parental abduction of EU children in Japan on Tuesday the 16th of June, 2020. The Petitions Committee expressed concerns over children’s well being as a result of parental child abduction in Japan and urged Japanese authorities to enforce international rules on child protection.

The petition (0594/2019), filed in conjunction with parents from France, Germany, UK and Spain, was the first petition accepted by the European Parliament on the subject of the abduction of European children by their Japanese parent. It should be noted that 3 other petitions (0841/2019, 0842/2019, 0843/2019) on the same subject were later attached to the initial petition and were discussed in Brussels at the Petitions Committee on 19 February 2020. These petitions followed on from hard work in Europe over many years. Two NGO initiated this petition: Japan Child Abduction (Germany) and Sauvons Nos Enfants Japon (France). British parents have now established a NGO as well, British Children Abducted To Or Within Japan.
フランス、ドイツ、イギリス、スペインの両親とともに提出された請願書(0594/2019)は、日本人の親による欧州の子供の連れ去りをテーマに欧州議会で受理された、最初の請願書でした。この最初の請願には、同じテーマに関する他の3つの請願(0841/2019、0842/2019、0843/2019)が後に添付され、2020年2月19日にブリュッセルの請願委員会で審議されたことに注目すべきです。これらの請願は、長年にわたる欧州でのハードワークに続いて行われたものです。この請願書を発起したのは2つのNGO、Japan Child Abduction(ドイツ)とSauvons Nos Enfants Japon(フランス)です。イギリスの親たちは現在、同様にNGO「British Children Abducted To Or Within Japan」を設立しました。

As was indicated during the debates on 19 February 2010 at the European Parliament; this issue impacts parents and not only fathers. Affected mothers were also included in the petition (0594/2019). It is important to keep in mind that the first victims remain the children.

On Wednesday the 8th of July, 2020 the Resolution was adopted by the plenary of the European Parliament. The Resolution draws from the increasing number of unsolved child abduction cases where one parent is a national from the European Union (EU) and the other Japanese. Over the years, the Parliament received a number of appeals on cases of Japanese parental child abduction and visiting rights.


Parliament sounds alarm over children in Japan taken from EU parents | News | European Parliament
MEPs are concerned over the high number of parental child abduction cases due to the reluctance of Japanese authorities to comply with international law.
20200708EU決議 日本語訳公開します - 国連に日本の子ども拉致問題を報告する 実行委員会 子どもオンブズマン日本
欧州議会は日本国内における欧州の親による子の連れ去りに警鐘を鳴らす・一方の親がEU国民で、他方の親が日本人である未解決の子の連れ去り事件の増加。 ・日本は子どもの保護に関する国際ルールを遵守していない。 ・日本の法律では共同親権はなし。 ・非親権者の親の面会交流権が限定的または存在しない。 日本の当局が国際法を遵守す...
Texts adopted - International and domestic parental abduction of EU children in Japan - Wednesday, 8 July 2020


Petitioners point out that international court decisions in Japan on the return of the child are not being enforced properly. Shared custody is not possible under Japanese law, and visiting rights of non-custodial parent is limited or non-existent.

The text points out that under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), every child has the right to maintain a personal relationship and direct contact with both their parents, unless it is contrary to their interests. MEPs(Members of the European Parliament) urge Japanese authorities to enforce international rules on child protection and to introduce changes to their legal system to allow for shared custody.


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The European Parliament urged Japan to comply with international rules on child protection and to allow for joint parental custody after a number of EU citizens...
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European Parliament urges Japan to revamp child custody rules
The European Parliament adopts a resolution urging Japan to improve its child custody rules, under which European parents in Japan have little recourse in the e...
Japan urged to take action on parental child abduction
The European Parliament has called on Japan to take steps to prevent the parental abduction of children.
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