原告以外の方からのご意見 (Opinions from non-plaintiffs)

原告以外の方からのご意見 Opinions from non-plaintiffs

Here are the comments from non-plaintiffs.
The contents is based on personal experience and opinions, and does not represent the opinions of the plaintiffs or lawyers in this class-action lawsuit.

Scott McIntyre
Scott McIntyre

By Scott McIntyre, an Australian football journalist.
(スコット・マッキンタイヤ氏, サッカージャーナリスト, オーストラリア)


Japan has been described as a black hole for child abduction but this is too kind a description for what amounts to state-sponsored kidnapping.




Every aspect of Japanese society is failing to uphold and protect the human rights of children in this country and that’s bringing great shame and embarrassment as well as economic damage to the nation.




It is recognized as a universal right of children in almost every corner of the world that they have frequent access to and a meaningful relationship with both parents – regardless of any breakdown in the relationship between the parents.




How can Japan consider that a policy of sole custody is the most beneficial outcome for children when almost the entire G20 and a vast majority of the planet’s developed nations have long understood that only joint custody protects the rights of children?




Does Japan look at the rest of the planet and think they are wrong and that only Japan knows the correct way to protect the rights of children?




The rest of the world is looking at Japan with disbelief, anger and distrust.




We need to ask who the people are who are trying to protect the sole custody system in Japan and when you see the answers to that question it only brings greater shame and embarrassment on the nation.




Many Left Behind Parents know full well that the Japanese Police routinely fail to investigate cases of parental abduction and that it is only when those desperate parents who have been crushed by the ‘injustice’ of the Japanese ‘justice’ try to find their abducted children do the police act.


多くの「Left Behind Parents (連れ去られた親)」は、日本の警察が日常的に親の誘拐事件の調査を怠っていること、日本の「正義」の「不正」に押しつぶされた絶望的な親が、誘拐された子供を見つけようとしたときだけ、警察が行動することをよく知っています。


This is making the Japanese Police the laughing stock of the world – they are regarded as incompetent and unwilling to enforce their own laws.


これにより、日本の警察は世界の笑いものになっています - 彼らは役に立たず、自分たちの法律を執行する気がないとみなされています。


It’s well known that Japanese lawyers routinely advise parents on how to abduct children and they are doing so purely for their own financial benefit.




These unscrupulous agents are parasites sucking on the blood of Japanese children only to make themselves richer and it’s no wonder that the rest of the developed world views the Japanese legal profession as vultures, without a conscience or moral compass to guide them by.




Japanese ‘Family Courts’ are simply sham organizations whose only role is to legitimize the abduction of children and they have almost no understanding of the lifelong damage and impact of abduction and parental alienation that they are forcing on generation after generation of Japanese and foreign children.




However the worst culprits in Japan’s state-sponsored abduction system are those running local government agencies as well as NGOs and NPOs designed to protect ‘victims’ of abuse.




These specific population display their very ignorance in the name of their organizations by failing to recognize that both men and women, boys and girls can all equally be capable of inflicting pain and suffering and of being victims of it.




These groups, led by vocal people who profit off the abduction of our children, are absolutely misguided in trying to link a system of joint custody with the risk of domestic violence.




These are completely separate issues and should obviously be treated as such.




No sane minded person anywhere in the world would try to support a system that promotes domestic violence.




The vast majority of the world rightly regards domestic violence as a serious and dangerous crime that harms the lives of children.




As such this crime is investigated as a crime in most nations on earth.




In Japan however, all a parent has to do is make a completely baseless or unsubstantiated claim of domestic violence and they are then ‘protected’ by these NGOs and local governments.




The so-called perpetrators of this DV are given no notice they have been accused of this nor a chance to defend themselves.




No other crime in Japan is handled in this manner, which is nothing less than ‘mob justice’ – and all this approach is doing is demeaning the impact of real domestic violence.




Make no mistake, the ‘fake DV’ industry in Japan is big business – lawyers, judges and a range of NGOs and NPOs are profiting from running agencies and centres to protect hundreds of thousands of fake DV victims.




These same people then, shamelessly, try to argue against joint custody merely to protect their own pot of gold.




We will no longer stand by and allow fake DV claims to enrich a collection of greedy and evil people who are profiting off the misery of our children.




One way to protect children from domestic violence is to ensure that both parents have access to their children to offer the care, support and love needed.




If there is legitimate domestic violence then this is an issue for the criminal courts to deal with, not a collection of greedy NGOs who are embarrassing Japan in the eyes of the international community.




We need all loving parents to stand up and add their voice to the campaign to end Japan’s feudal system of single custody.




The same Japanese government that argues for years about the abduction of their own citizens to North Korea and in the Middle East is doing nothing to protect their own children – and those children of many other nations – from being abducted within Japan’s borders.




This is humiliating and bringing endless shame on this nation, whose attitudes towards children are viewed of those of barbarians and savages.




We need voices, we need names, we need pictures and we need public protest.




To profit off the abduction of children is shameful and inhumane.




The world is, day-by-day, becoming aware of Japan’s state-sponsored abduction of children.




Numerous governments and world leaders have spoken directly to senior Japanese government leaders who routinely ignore their requests because they see that, for them, protecting the financial and voting power of the vast industry who profit from child abduction is more important than protecting the rights of children.




This is bringing shame and embarrassment on Japan.




The world is watching, the world is turning against Japan and the longer that the Japanese government, Japanese Police and lawyers with no morals continue to support this policy of state-sponsored abduction the more damage it is doing to Japan’s reputation and its future.




I am hoping for the success of this lawsuit.